Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whole30 - Day 10

You know when super annoying people go on super annoying diets, lose weight, feel better, get more energy, have improved skin texture, bladdahdeeeeeblah? I think I am becoming that person.

Oh no. Or, oh yea! Because I think I might deserve it, because for the last annoying 10 days, I have not eaten corn (miss you, Corn!). Or wine. Or sweetener of any kind (except for one Halls lozenge during the PND coughing night of my minor cold last week). Or dairy - moo. Or legumes, which I didn't even realize how many legumes I was eating, thank you very much peanut butter and soy snuck into absolutely everything processed.

Aside from a day or two of a little fatigue and a little hunger, I now feel...better. (Cue Doc McStuffin' song if you're a parent with a girl child under age 8). I am sleeping better - I even rose before dawn to write and get my day started and watch the sunrise. What?? I'm a sunset person!

Apparently I did needed to take off a few lbs. Yesterday I put on my jeans, and they fit better. I'm not allowed to weigh until the 30 Days is over (harder than it sounds for me) but judging from my pants that I didn't sausage-roll out of yesterday, progress is happening independent of my beloved, overused, annoying scale. Many people don't feel weight loss progress until week 3 on this diet, so I felt ahead of that curve. My curves.

It helps to cook. My chicken pesto and grill-roasted veggies made my husband say to me, "I love how we're cooking these days." Score, because I can eat that. And I made my own freakin' mayo this week, people. MAYO. Just eggs & oil, right? Commercial mayo is chock full of random soy crap. Who knew? And by the way, I might never go back to eating commercial mayo, because my homemade mayo is so very creamy and good! My mom always told me my Grandma's homemade mayo was deelish, and guess what? My mother was right (not shocking - she's a smart lady). Tuna salad with homemade pickles (thanks, Auntie Mamie & Cousin Alex) and homemade mayo was da' bomb!!!

In the Whole30 book, it says on days 10 and 11, statistically if you're going to quit or cheat, these are the days that would most likely happen. No way. I'm 10 deep into a popcorn & tortilla chip-free world, and I'm not turning back until all those new jeans I bought this summer have to be altered...again. Jason, my dry cleaner/alterations guy, will thank me for the added business. Stimulating small, local businesses - an added benefit of my super annoying, I wasn't sure this would work for me diet.

Until we meet again...(I'll be the skinnier one with the baggy pants)


  1. Go, Girl. You are inspiring to me. I have long been tempted to try some kind of cleanse or "diet" (not in the weight-loss sense but in the I AM 46 AND SLUGGISH AND I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MORE ENERGY sense).

    Then I pour a glass of wine and forget.
    You are kind of my hero, now. Can't wait to read about the next 20 days.

  2. And by the way, you are NOT super annoying.
    The end.

  3. You go, girl! You are in no way super annoying. Other than the fact that I'm kind of jealous. (But only kind of.) Maybe one day I'll try Whole 30. Not today. But someday. Can't wait to hear how the rest of your journey goes.

  4. This is funny: ""I love how we're cooking these days."" said you're husband. Does he cook too?

    Anyway I find you inspiring except I went through that shit last year and will not be going back. Red wine is necessary in my life. At least until June 8.

  5. You actually made mayo sound tasty....that's a I'm intrigued.