Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 30 - I made it!

Hi again, it's me, annoying diet girl. You may have forgotten that I've been doing Whole30 this past month. You weren't aware of how many eggs I've eaten, how much I miss(ed) corn, or my experience with "die off". And why? Because blogs that chronicle each & every waking moment are more annoying than annoying diets. But here's a quick recap for the curious or bored. (Mom, I know you're not bored, but you can read this too.)

Week 1 - we've covered that - please see my previous blog post.

Week 2 - Ok, the reality of choosing to do a gut/eating reset sinks in, and you're left with food boredom and remorse. But not really. I felt great, and almost immediately felt better in my clothes and in my skin and in my day to day life. Annoying. Speaking of skin, mine was clearer than it had been in years ... that is, until I used a make up wipe that gave me a rash all over my face, but that isn't Whole 30's fault.

Week 3- I'm missing corn. Not wine - my beloved wine - and not cheese. I have, as most who know me will tell you, a passionate relationship with dairy. Cheese with a side of cheese. Yet I experienced no dairy cravings. No, for me it's simple. I want the pop of my popcorn, and I'm not talking movie popcorn with salt and fake butter, I'm talking homemade organic popcorn, popped in organic coconut oil, dusted with Himalayan pink salt. Healthy popcorn. Hell, movie popcorn too. And I miss chips & salsa. Salsa without chips is difficult - jicama isn't as yummy as a substitute chip, and using your fingers is messy and apparently frowned upon in restaurants.

Die Off Interlude. Since I'm not a big "candida diet" follower, I didn't know what "die off" was, until my dear friend, Leila, mentioned it. I googled and gagged. The nasty candida bacteria were dying and violently exiting my body, taking prisoners along the way. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'm glad I recently had TP on my Costco list, and I'm thankful that was my only symptom, of which there is a shocking laundry list. Four days later and slightly dehydrated, I was left a few pounds lighter and missing my corn craving. And every other craving too.

Week 4 and the final days were honestly a breeze. I got to the point where I didn't have my old food cravings. Sure, I love taquitos drowning in guac. Sure, manchego and red vino are proof of God. Yes, I miss popcorn. But I don't crave any of it. Not anymore. Pretty incredible.

On Day 29, I went to Traders to pick up a few items. One of the regular checkers asked me what I'd been doing, commenting that I've lost weight. He's so nice to notice. Flirty? Maybe. That feels good too. It felt as good as sitting down in my jeans and not having the waist cut into me. It felt good like not needing a nap to make it through the day. Like not feeling snappy at my sweet daughter.

During this next phase, I get to reintroduce the foods I've removed back into my system. One by one, starting with wine, just like the book recommends. Stay tuned for those fun-filled findings. Oh! And I almost forgot. I lost 7.2 lbs. That .2 is as important as when my daughter tells you she's 5 1/2. I'm 43 1/2 and I lost 7.2 lbs. A great start!

(All images courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons.)


  1. That Barbie on the toilet is the best thing ever.
    Except maybe for wine and cheese.
    Better than popcorn, for sure.

    Congratulations, Laurel. You made it.
    Can't wait to celebrate tonight.
    And by "celebrate" I mean talk about writing over a single glass of wine!
    (Okay. Maybe two. And can you have corn yet?)

  2. Congrats! 15 days behind you and feeling good. I'm going to be eating clean for awhile.

  3. Congrats! 15 days behind you and feeling good. I'm going to be eating clean for awhile.