Monday, September 21, 2015

Whole30 - Day 1

Well, Ms. Scale (bitch) never lies. Sometimes pants lie. Often the mirror lies. And I have been lying to myself about my expanding (ass) self. I always quote Me when I've said something like this: there's truth in a number. The scale is telling me a really jacked up story lately, and the time to reign it in is upon us (me).

A dear mate of mine, Julianne, recently found great body transforming success with Whole30, losing 2 sizes in a month. Holy crap, I'm in.

It's 30 days of eating protein, veggies, and even fruits & nuts & seeds. I can do that. And potatoes! What??? Game on.

And here's what I'm not eating: dairy (heart stab!), processed carbs, grains, alcohol (seems ok at noon - we'll see how 6:15pm feels today) and sweeteners. Oh! And legumes. Bye bye, peanut butter - I've already replaced you with almond butter this month.

That's that. Here I go. Apparently I'll be pretty cranky in a few days as my body becomes un-addicted to wine and popcorn and organic sprouted bread.

What I plan to miss most: popcorn, wine (weren't you reading above??), cheese, sourdough
What I plan to NOT miss at all: my growing self (again - pay attention!), energy slumps


1 comment:

  1. I look forward to hearing how this goes for you, Miss L.
    Keep us posted. Even if you get cranky.
    Hell. ESPECIALLY then.

    Good luck and XO