Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why I Write - Thanks a lot, Rina

I am a lucky member of a writers' group, stocked with unique women whose talents inspire me. Two of them, Charlene and Rina, have recently participated in a Writing Process exercise, exploring why they write. At they end of each exploration, the writer names three other writers to take their own exploration. Thanks, Rina, for fingering me in the exercise. I probably needed it.

Why do I write. Why do I write? Why????? Do I write?

I write because my internal narrator is constantly writing the great American novel in my head. The movie of our lives. The heartbreaking snapshot of life's irony. The hilarious quip. The poignant short story. The children's tale.

I remember having a literary epiphany once with my sister. We were discussing the speed at which my husband reads. He can blast through a novel and retain quite a bit of it. I, however, take a long time to read that same novel. Once I do, I know it like a friend. I hear its characters' cries and mourn its ending. I live its words, which linger in me. I smell its journey. "You have the internal narrator," my sister said. The what? Some people read words, and others hear the words narrated to them in their mind when they read; those people tend to read more slowly yet absorb more from what they read.

It was so simple and true. I heard my narrator. Aren't big sisters so awesome and helpful? But I don't just hear narrators when I read. I'm constantly hearing my narrator, always in my mind, writing, telling, showing, narrating, outlining.

Sooooo, that's why. That felt good to get out, actually. And now, the next victims:
  • Kim Tracy Prince, you know it. Preach to us, oh prolific one.
  • Danny Reines -  numbers have colors? Your brain works on such a high level - I want to know what drives your writing.
  • SheriBelle - my chin is in my hands and I'm listening.


  1. I am honored to be tagged by you Laurel but I must respectfully decline and insist that you choose another. I did this post a while back and tagged Charlene, who in turn tagged you and Rina...the great circle of writing life?

  2. Let's hear it for the internal narrarator who shows us the story of our lives and helps us live though others.....well played! Thanks for playing.